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Samantha Long is an award-winning music video director, celebrity choreographer, martial artist, viral personality, and the Co-Founder & CEO of A THREAT.

Generating billions of views and millions of followers across platforms, Samantha Long has produced one of Instagram's most-watched Reels of the year while at the same time inciting some of music's most significant trends in history (Doja Cat's 'Say So’, Brittney Spears’ ‘Gimmie More’).

Samantha has recently been seen as a Host, Co-Producer and Performer at Lil Wayne's UPROAR Hip-Hop Festival in addition to her work leading world tours with a-list artists. 
Known for her signature hip-hop in heels fused with martial arts choreography, Samantha's credits span Paul McCartney and Janet Jackson to Nicki Minaj and Paula Abdul. As a rising young leader in entertainment, Samantha’s mission is to inspire people across the world to become A THREAT to everything that is holding them back.


Aaron Tropf Pic.jpg

Aaron Tropf is an Executive Producer, Talent Manager, and Entertainment Entrepreneur known for overseeing the careers of modern celebrity entertainers ranging from musicians and producers to actors and creators.

From small town Idaho now operating out of Los Angeles, CA, Aaron is the CEO and Principal Manager of Tropf Management and the Co-Founder of A THREAT.

Aaron's vast entertainment experience is built upon a now decade-long career in the industry with successes across top talent agencies, social media marketing firms, tech unicorns and more. His work in entertainment has been realized in the form of a #1 Billboard record, world tours, billions of views and a part of A-list teams ranging from Jason Momoa to Betty White.

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